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    At Harvest Palos, our primary focus in missions is supporting church planters. Beyond believing in a person or their mission,
    we go all in and make a senior pastor our mission by committing to pray, give financially, and provide resources for coaching
    and ministry growth. The goal is to actively participate in the launching of church plants and helping
    them grow to a place of being sustainable, church planting churches. 10% of our budget goes
    toward missions (5% of that supports church planters)

    The Process of Planting a Church

    • Rigorous selection
    • 3 Month Pastoral Training Center
    • 1 Month local church internship
    • Move to location to hold open houses and vision nights.
    • Build a committed Core Group
    • Grow Core Group to Launch Team of ministry leaders to help launch the church.
    • Develop elders

    Pastor Bobby’s story:

    Bobby Greenwood came to the HBF Pastoral Training Center after serving in a large church as Youth Pastor for many years. He had a heart to reach the people of Fayetteville, Arkansas. Bobby interned at Harvest Palos before being sent out to build a core group and launch Harvest Fayetteville.

    Pastor Cristi’s story:

    Growing up under communist leadership in Romania, Pastor Cristi endured persecution and a lack of freedom to openly make disciples. When that leadership fell, Pastor Cristi pursued ministry for over 20 years. He attended the first Romanian church plant in Arad, and was called to plant Harvest Metanoia Brasov in September 2013. Pastor Cristi spent 2 months in Chicago at the Pastoral Training Center before going back to Romania to plant the church. Harvest Palos has sent teams on 2 different occasions to help train and support their leadership. Another trip is being planned for the future. 

    Pastor Tim's story:

    Tim Rezac felt led to pastoral ministry in 1988. After completing his Master of Divinity at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, he pastored Community Bible Church in Cedar Lake for 18 years. Now, pastoring at Harvest Turks & Caicos, Tim and his wife Patty have a desire that Christ will be pleased and honored and that the island will be so gripped by Jesus and His Word and that “we will become a bright light of grace for many islands in the Caribbean.”   In 2013 Harvest Palos sent a team to train their leaders and has helped develop their small group ministry.


    Harvest Palos is connected to other missionaries around the world who have devoted their lives to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

    Mike & Keila Dawson’s story

    Michael and Keila Dawson have poured their lives into sharing the Gospel with the Yanomamö people in the jungles of Venezuela.  Michael focuses on men’s discipleship, Bible study and teaching, missionary trips to other villages to evangelize, train, and encourage Yanomamö leaders and believers,  base upkeep, leadership, and maintenance. As director of the Yanomamö school, Keila focuses much time and energy on training the Yanomamö teachers, creating materials for the school, and teaching the children in both Yanomamö and Spanish.
    You can follow  Mike and his adventures in the Amazon by reading his blog or visiting his Facebook.

    Matt & Tiffany Crosland’s story

    A family of nine, the Croslands live and serve in the Aiuyra Valley in The Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea. They are members of Wycliffe Bible Translators and are working hard supporting the work of Bible translation. It is their goal to see every Bibleless group of people in Papua New Guinea receive a translation in their lifetime.  You can follow the Crolands by their blog or Facebook.

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    (708) 925-9296