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Give to Mike Kijowski

Support Michael Kijowski in Arad, Romania.

Did you know that Europe has become the least evangelized continent in the world with less than 2% evangelical Christians?  In London alone, 500 churches of various denominations have been converted into private homes.  Today there are more than 250,000 villages, towns and cities across Europe that do not have a single evangelical church.

Will you please join us in the passionate pursuit of Jesus Christ’s promise to build his church?

"On this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." - Matthew 16:18

We are assisting in planting new churches and supporting existing churches at the Harvest Training Center in Arad, Romania.  Since arriving in Romania we have had opportunities to assist with a church conference for pastors and leaders called “Harvest University Europe,” teach in the training center from which seven pastors from seven different countries recently graduated, and encourage the pastors and leaders of existing Romanian churches.

Previously we had served at the Lawndale Christian Health Center as Director of Optometry and nurse practitioner.  This health center cares for the underserved communities of the inner city of Chicago.  After gutting and renovating an abandoned house in LaVillita, we choose to call it our home and raise our four children. This neighborhood is well known not only for excellent Mexican food, but also for gangs and violence; we are thankful for God’s hand of protection during the more than twenty-five years that we lived there.

We now call Harvest Arad Romania our church home, but previously had been involved in Harvest Rolling Meadows, Harvest Palos and Harvest Chicago West.  We had the privilege of serving in many roles, the most recent with Mike as an Elder at Harvest Palos.

We have left our home and young adult children in the states because we believe that God has called us to play a vital role in the establishment of churches in Europe. . . churches that are relevant and biblical, passionate about reaching the lost, regaining prodigals and redeeming the modern generation.  Will you financially support us as we take part in building churches where people worship authentically and are full of life?


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